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    diversified industrial development pattern

    With 50 years’ refinement, Jinggong has become a large diverse high-tech export-oriented private enterprise.

    Professional innovation, perfect service

    Multi-machine professional fleet ensures service quality

    The seven operating bases are distributed across the country

    General Aviation

    Jinggong aviation, taking Jinggong General Aviation Co., Ltd. (First President Unit of Zhejiang Province General Aviation Association) as the management platform, with companies like Jinggong Beijing General Aviation, Jinggong Shaanxi General Aviation (91 qualifications), Jinggong Global jet Co., Ltd (135 qualifications), Jinggong  Xi'an Aircraft Maintenance Company(145 qualifications), Jinggong Hong Kong Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd., and so on. Among them, Jinggong Global jet Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and mainly engaged in private charter flights, aircraft hosting and other businesses, with Dassault Falcon 2000, Falcon 7X and other models to provide customers with the perfect service.

    Jinggong aviation have 6 airport operating bases in Beijing Badaling, Shaanxi Pucheng, Zhoushan Mount Putuo and Hangzhou Xiaoshan, Thousand-island Lake, Anji Tianzi Lake. At present, it is building a domestic general aviation demonstration base and jinggong general navigation headquarter base. There are various models of professional fleet like Dassow, aerial king, Cessna, GA8, Cirrus, it is mainly engaged in private flight, business charter flights, commuter flights, aviation operations, pliot training, aircraft sales, management, maintenance and other services, as well as providing perfect service for customers.  

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