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    diversified industrial development pattern

    With 50 years’ refinement, Jinggong has become a large diverse high-tech export-oriented private enterprise.

    Refine on skills, devote in industry

    Builder of city landmark, Partner of outstanding brand

    Win the top steel structure industry for many years;

    Win “National Award for Science and Technology Progress”, “Luban Prize”, “Zhan Tianyou Engineering Prize” and other national prizes for many times.

    Steel Structure Building

    Jinggong steel structure building industry takes the steel structure as developing platform, integrating steel structure design, research and development, sale, manufacture and construction. After more than 20 years of innovation and development, constructing the national innovation research and development platform with a number of innovation system, setting up seven domestic production bases and six international center market, building hundreds of world class constructions like the Beijing Olympic "bird's nest", 1007m tower of Saudi Arabia King, Beijing's new airport and the city landmarks. 

    At the same time, the enterprise opens the new value space of "industrialization" of building.GBS green building integrated energy saving, environmental protection, recyclable new building materials and BIM information integration design. By using industrialized production, the informatization operation management mode, to implement integration of steel structure construction, becoming the first "national prefabricated construction industry base" approve by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural, pushing the new development of steel structure industry.

    Stock code 600496
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